🟠 Origin Stories: Burn to Claim

Everything you need to know about the Origin Stories burn-to-claim mechanic
The burn-to-claim window for Origin Stories Issue 4 is open for all holders of:
  • Origin Stories Issue 1
  • Origin Stories Issue 2
  • Origin Stories Issue 3
If you want, you can burn your Issue 1, 2 or 3 for Issue 4. The claim window is open until the release of Origin Stories Issue 5 (Date TBC)
On this page, you'll find:
  • ​context behind the gamification of Origin Stories
  • ​details of the game/mint mechanics
  • useful resources​


Pixel Vault has gamified the experience of collecting Set 1 of Origin Stories (Issues 1-8), with a burn-to-claim mechanic.
What are Origin Stories?
​Origin Stories are a series of short (~5 page) comics which explore the back stories of 16 PUNKS characters, letting us take the time to get to know them outside of the PUNKS Comic series. It'll be released in two sets:
  • Set 1: Issues 1-8
  • Set 2: Issues 9-16


Here's how it works:
  • Origin Stories Issue 1 was dedicated to the Pixel Vault Founder's DAO (PVFD), so the total supply was originally 5,902 (in line with the number of PVFD tokens)
  • For Origin Stories Issues 2-8, each new issue can only be claimed by collectors who burn one of the previous issues, during a limited time window that's open until the release of the following issue. This means the total supply of all 8 Origin Stories Set 1 NFTs is 5,902. For example:
    • When Issue 4 is released, all holders of Issues 1-3 are able to burn their NFTs to receive Issue 4. When Issue 5 is released, the claim for Issue 4 will be closed, and the maximum supply of Issue 4 will be set. From that point onwards, it'll be deflationary as it can be burnt for Issues 5-8
  • Holders of the full Set 1 (Issues 1-8) will receive a physical premium bound copy of all 8 issues
Collectors have a lot of decisions to make:
  • do they want to collect the full set of 8 to be eligible to receive the physical? Keep in mind, given the supply of Origin Stories Set 1 is fixed to 5,902, there can only be a maximum of 737 full sets, which makes the physical quite scarce
  • if not, do they want to hold onto the issue they have, or burn to claim a new issue? What if there's a character or guest artist that they resonate with in the new issue?
  • and the game theory - in each of the 7 burn windows, the supply of previous issues will be decreasing as they're burnt for the current issue. Which issue will become most scarce? How does that affect the value and rarity of the issue that they hold?