Pixel Vault Founder's DAO

The Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO (PVFD) is collectively owned and governed by owners of PVFD tokens, similar to the Planets. You can think of the PVFD as a company - only in this company, every team member is a passionate PV fan:
  • every member brings their unique skills, knowledge and perspectives to the broader community and DAO
  • the company is a close partner to Pixel Vault, as members get exclusive access to GFunk and the team through a private Discord channel
  • unlike a traditional company, every member has proportional ownership over the DAO’s growing vault of assets, and the power to vote on what the DAO does
Note for Collectors:
Pixel Vault is the umbrella company for everything they’ll create over time. That means those in the Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO are exposed to everything PV does:
  • directly - through PV’s decisions to reward PVFD holders with exclusive or priority access to their products
  • indirectly - through ownership of PV assets in the vault
The PVFD token, created by @fvckrender, a digital artist.