PUNKS Comics are ~20-30 page comics which tell the story of the PUNKS; the characters who are based on the 16 CryptoPunks originally owned by Pixel Vault.
The comics in this series are initially released digitally as NFTs, but holders can also claim a physical edition.
Note for Collectors:
It’s best to think of the comics as collectibles, and a medium for PV to tell stories and craft their universe. Sometimes, there are perks and game mechanics attached to the various comics. However, bear in mind that it’s unrealistic to expect every comic to come with utility and fun, beyond your enjoyment of the art and story.

PUNKS Comic #1: The Hunt for the Lost Robbies

Pixel Vault’s genesis NFT. It’s our first introduction to the PUNKS, following their journey searching for the “Lost Robbies,” which are a big part of crypto-art history.

PUNKS Comic #2: X Marks the Drop

Tells the story of a treasure hunt for what ends up being adidas clothing. Documents adidas’ real-life partnership with PV, the Bored Ape Yacht Club and gmoney. This edition also came in special Elite Ape Collector's Editions.

PUNKS Comic #3: A Glitch in Time

We see our PUNKS gain superpowers in a crossover between the PUNKS and the MetaHero Universe (Pixel Vault’s 2nd brand / IP). It's the first time the MetaHero Identities appear in PUNKS Comic.
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