🟠 Inhabitants Stories

Everything you need to know about the Inhabitants Stories collection
The window to claim a free Inhabitants Story 0 is open if you held a Generative Inhabitants Identity or MintPass #1, during the snapshot at 11am EDT on 24 October 24, 2022. Holders of Core Identities or PUNKS Comic 1: Special Edition were airdropped a Collector's Edition of Story 0 – no further action required.
The claim window is open until the release of Story 1 (Date TBC)
On this page, you'll find:
  • ​context behind the Inhabitants Stories
  • ​details of the collection


One of the core pillars of Pixel Vault is developing crypto-native IP, and telling their stories. After all, that was how Pixel Vault came to be - by telling the stories behind CryptoPunks. It's through stories that we'll get to know more about the Inhabitants Universe. How did the world come to be? Who are the Identities? What challenges do they face? What role do the DOTs play? What is life like on the different planets?
In Aug 2022, Pixel Vault shared that:
"Another extraordinary comic artist, also of Marvel pedigree, will bring the upcoming MetaHero comics to life. Comics will be available to view online, open to all, and they will introduce characters, lore and stories. You can expect these to be much more than your average comic book"
Inhabitants Stories is exactly that. They're not just static digital comics like PUNKS Comic or Origin Stories – instead, they're animated shorts that are free to view, with an additional digital collectible.


Story 0: The Pulse
There are 2 versions of the Story 0 collectible digital token:
  • ​Main Edition: free-to-mint for holders of a Generative Identity or MintPass #1 during the snapshot at 11am EDT on 24 October 24, 2022
  • ​Collector's Edition: airdropped to all holders of a Core Identity or PUNKS Comic Issue #1: Special Edition