Merch Store

Everything you need to know about Pixel Vault merch
The official Pixel Vault merch store is a custom-built solution with web3 integration. It allows individuals to purchase merch using Pixel Vault's native tokens: $PUNKS and $POW.

Merch Drop 1) September 2022

​PUNKS, Inhabitants Universe and Pixel Vault-branded hats, tees and hoodies were available for purchase at the following prices, for a limited-time window. This drop is the only one that'll feature the original MetaHero Universe branding.
  • Hats: 1,000 $POW / 300 $PUNKS
  • Tees: 1,000 $POW / 300 $PUNKS
  • Hoodies: 2,500 $POW / 750 $PUNKS
Notably, all proceeds went back to the Pixel Vault community. $POW was sent to the UPDAO treasury, and $PUNKS was sent to the $PUNKS treasury.
Items available from the first Pixel Vault merch drop in September 2022. Look closely and you'll see that the Pixel Vault Core Identities on the t-shirt (bottom-right) are the ones which the community voted to include in merch in July 2022.