Pixel Vault Sports

Pixel Vault Sports, led by Tzvi Twersky, will tell stories of athletes and provide fans with utility. Not much info is available at the moment. The biggest news to date is the announcement that Pixel Vault has secured 2 big partnerships with:
Here's what's been shared so far:
GFunk: we want to give an opportunity for inclusivity and to welcome more and more people into this Web3 environment in a way that speaks to them. And today, all of the the projects that have focused on sports have really leaned into the idea of digital trading cards, and that is not what we'll be doing. We’ll continue to be storytellers, driving awesome utility to these tokens, one-of-one type experiences, access to different events. (source: MetaVault: May 11th Town Hall Recap).
Q5: Are you planning to work with individual athletes under PV sports?
Athletes will have the opportunity to star in their own PUNKS Comic shorts that will blend our fictional PUNKS Universe + integrate some of the attributes that define their personalities and careers. This will extend beyond sports to other icons (in time) to continually increase the cultural touchpoints for the IP. Each of these limited edition comics will be paired with unique utility for the holders, including merch and/or one-of-a-kind experiences. Issues will be provided to the PUNKS community as an airdrop via provably fair giveaways due to the limited supply.
We are planning a Twitter Spaces in the near-term to introduce Tzvi Twersky, Head of PV Sports, to tell his story, the broader vision for PV Sports, and how this vision will directly benefit our current PUNKS and MetaHero Universe holders.
Q6: Can you explain the rationale for Pixel Vault Sports and some of the other marketing partnerships that were announced recently?
With regards to our strategic approach to launch PV Sports and other marketing partnerships, we have done audience research and found the categories of sports, music, entertainment, and lifestyle fuel culture and are made of passionate communities. We believe that NFTs are a great fit for these areas of interest and tapping into culture is good for the company, our collectors, and the IP. This will also provide the opportunity for collectors to choose what they are most passionate about and focus their time, engagement, and dollars accordingly.
An example of how we did this previously was with the adidas Into the Metaverse campaign. We saw 22,000 unique holders across 30,000 NFTs, with many making this their first NFT to date. We did not simply attract existing collectors, we tapped into culture and made NFTs a topic of interest outside our smaller crypto-native community. The campaign was picked up by the mainstream media, driving awareness and positive sentiment to not just Pixel Vault, but the space at large.
We will continue to selectively allocate time and resources to these efforts and focus on working with partners that will be long-term builders in the space and drive value to collectors. (source: 10 Questions for GFunk)​