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All things Pixel Vault which you may want to know, do or prepare for.
On this page, you'll find:
  • a list of actions for you to consider doing (if applicable) for any live/ongoing events
  • a tl;dr of the latest Pixel Vault news & announcements (think: rough/unpolished notes)
  • a list of what's coming up next on the Pixel Vault roadmap
Action Required
News & Announcements
Coming Soon
This list is intended to be a guide for you to act on, and prepare for ongoing/upcoming events. It's not necessarily exhaustive and is only based on details that have been confirmed by the Pixel Vault team.

  • Claim a free Inhabitants Story 0 collectible token if you held a Generative Inhabitants Identity or MintPass #1, during the snapshot at 11am EDT on 24 October 24, 2022. The claim window is open until the release of Story 1 (Date TBC)
  • Holders of Core Identities or PUNKS Comic 1: Special Edition were airdropped a Collector's Edition of Story 0 – no further action required.
  • The burn-to-claim window for Origin Stories Issue 4 is open for all holders of Origin Stories Issues 1-3. If you want, you can burn your Issue 1-3 for Issue 4. The claim window is open until the release of Origin Stories Issue 5 (Date TBC)
  • Participate in the governance of the Inhabitants Universe on PRISM, if you hold at least 1 planet. For more info, read through the official documentation here.
  • Here's a resource to help you catch up on the latest updates on the upcoming blockchain games
Old Name
New Name
MetaHero Generative Identities
Inhabitants Generative Identities
MetaHero Core Identities
Pixel Vault Core Collection
MetaHero United Planets
Inhabitants United Planets
MetaHero Gear Pods
Gear Pods
  • A number of new terms have been introduced:
New Term
Pulse-Impacted People
The in-world name for anyone impacted by The Pulse event
Designated Observational Travelers (DOTs)
Formerly known by the community as Sidekicks. DOTs are benevolent robots meant for interplanetary exploration until they went awry
PV Classics
The original Chris Wahl designs for Inhabitants Identities
The Vault
The new home to interact with your Inhabitants Universe digital tokens is The Vault. In the future, the blockchain gaming ecosystem will also be accessible through The Vault.
  • PV's Marketplace was created in collaboration with Rarible, so that you can view all Pixel Vault NFTs in one, organised space
  • If you're buying, it aggregates listings from Rarible and OpenSea
  • If you're selling, list on Pixel Vault's marketplace as there are no marketplace fees

Pixel Vault Founder's DAO is now receiving royalties

  • Royalties on sales of PVFD tokens are now being split 50/50 between PV and the PVFD!
  • You can view the royalty amounts here

Pixel Vault Founder's DAO PFP is on pause

  • Odious originally planned to create a PFP in collaboration with PVFD
  • This project has now been paused so that Odious has focus his attention on the Inhabitants Universe


  • Q4:
    • Release of DOTs & blockchain games for Inhabitants Universe, leveraging $POW:
      • "So for DOTs, we're looking to get those out ahead of the game, so that people have an opportunity to trade etc, and then have the game sometime in the fall. So, late summer, early fall is when you're gonna see a lot of movement on this front." (source: MetaVault: May 11th Town Hall Recap)
      • "These intelligent robots (DOTs) are by far our most ambitious project since PUNKS Comic Issue #1, and innovation takes time. I'm confident the experience will not only be fun, but also healthy for our ecosystem. It's time to show, not tell, and you will see for yourself beginning this fall" (source: MetaHero Universe Update, 18 Aug 2022)
      • "DOTs will launch later this year with two evolution tiers, progressively increasing to six total evolutionary tiers. Create your perfect companion by using MintPass 2 digital tokens." (source: Welcome to the Inhabitants Universe)
    • Launch of Core Identity Committee
      • Launch of the Core Identity Committee to allow holders to guide how the Pixel Vault Core Identities will be used. "Participants will join members of the Pixel Vault team for quarterly & ad hoc creative meetings. Members will be compensated for their time and participation." (source: @MetaHero_, 21 Sep 2022)
  • TBC:
    • PUNKS PFP to gain access to PUNKS utility: "The Pixel Vault community continues to grow and with the launch of PUNKS PFP later this year, we will have established two distinct and critical properties that we are building out TOGETHER for the long-term." (source: 10 Questions for GFunk)


  • Release of new Inhabitants artwork:
    • "Holders will have the opportunity to swap and display their characters in a multitude of styles (non-dilutive)." (source: From the Desk: An Open Letter to the Pixel Vault Community)
    • "Chris Wahl drew your original Generative and Core Identities, and that art will remain available to collectors. The original Chris Wahl designs for Inhabitants Identities fall under the recently coined “PV Classics” category. The classic artwork will remain tied to your digital tokens when the new Inhabitants artwork releases in 2023. Generative and Core Identity digital tokens will default to the latest artwork on marketplaces; however, the PV Classics style will remain publicly viewable." (source: Welcome to the Inhabitants Universe)
    Sneak peek of new Inhabitants artwork
  • PUNKS blockchain games leveraging $PUNKS: "We have also begun the planning phase for the launch of PUNKS blockchain games (leveraging the $PUNKS token) in 2023." (source: 10 Questions for GFunk)

Date TBC

  • AAA Gaming Experience for Inhabitants Universe:
  • Inhabitants Universe Comics: "Another extraordinary comic artist, also of Marvel pedigree, will bring the upcoming MetaHero comics to life. Comics will be available to view online, open to all, and they will introduce characters, lore and stories. You can expect these to be much more than your average comic book" (source: MetaHero Universe Update, 18 Aug 2022)
  • Release of short/long form content for Inhabitants Universe by Blur Studio: "We are working on world-building and the development of scripts to ultimately tell the stories of the MetaHero Universe in a manner inspired by Love, Death, & Robots — shorter form and open to many different artistic interpretations. we expect the longer form content to take quite some time — about a year based on our more aggressive goals — but we will be releasing teasers, concept art, and keeping the community engaged along the way." (source: 10 Questions for GFunk)
  • Choose-your-own-adventure storytelling for Origin Stories using $PUNKS: "After Set 1 is complete, the plan is to integrate tools for more communal forms of storytelling leveraging the $PUNKS token in a “choose your own adventure” format." (source: 10 Questions for GFunk)