🟠 UPDAO Voting Dashboad (PRISM)

Everything you need to know about the upcoming release of the UPDAO Voting Dashboard (a.k.a PRISM)
  • Participate in the governance of the Inhabitants Universe on PRISM, if you hold at least 1 planet. For more info, read through the official documentation here.
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What is the United Planets DAO (UPDAO)?
The UPDAO is like the Federal Government or United Nations of the Inhabits Universe. It’s where every Planet comes together to make decisions on behalf of the Universe as a whole. Each planet has a fixed amount of voting power within the UPDAO.
Pixel Vault's ambition is to turn the Inhabitants Universe into a decentralised gaming platform owned and governed by fans. A core part of this are the planets, as each planet token represents proportional ownership and voting power in the specific planet. Together, the 10 planets/DAOs make decisions in the broader UPDAO.
To enable this experience, Pixel Vault has to:
  • create a voting experience which allows the DAOs (planets + UPDAO) to interact with each other
  • create an intuitive user experience which makes DAO participation fun & easy, especially given collectors can be part of multiple DAOs (i.e. owning multiple planet tokens)
To do this, Pixel Vault has been building a custom UPDAO voting dashboard called Planet Referendum and Independence Sustainability Machine (PRISM).
Planet Referendum and Independence Sustainability Machine (“PRISM”) is a forum and voting hub for Planet token holders. It’s also home to all the information one might need when learning about the UPDAO. PRISM offers a streamlined UI/UX for collectors to seamlessly make decisions for 10 planetary DAOs and the overarching UPDAO. Pixel Vault built PRISM because the current tools for DAO participation are bifurcated, and results in decreased participation by DAO members. PRISM implements discussion into the voting mechanics, eliminating the need for two separate apps. PRISM has been designed to make governance intuitive and fun for broad audiences (hint: certain UPDAO participation may translate directly to future gaming outcomes). (source: Reimagining DAOs — How Pixel Vault Simplified the Complex)​

Beta Testing

Prior to launch, beta testing of PRISM was previously open to holders of at least 1 planet. Testers had the opportunity to share their thoughts/ideas/feedback, and had the chance to receive $POW rewards for their contributions.
Original Announcement
Attention, all inhabitants of the planetary ecosystem! We are initiating our search for bright,active minds and strong contributors across the solar system to help lay the foundation for interplanetary governance and cooperation. The system’s best are being asked to come review the planetary referendum and sustainability machine, errr PRISM, for any weaknesses and flaws in our systems. To provide the optimal experience, we must have a variety of perspectives: from those who have curated whole planet sets to those concerned citizens holding a singular planet. Dedication to the UPDAO will be rewarded (did someone say $POW…), and there will be glory—your contributions at this critical juncture will never be forgotten by the United Planets.
To qualify for these bounties, you must be:
  • Holding 1+ planet(s)
  • Eager to participate by sharing your thoughts and ideas, as well as weighing in on others’ ideas, thoughtfully
  • Open to providing feedback - for the galactic governance platform and to the UPDAO as a whole!
Note: Planet holders that have a complete planet set and/or PVFD will be prioritized. Once selected, you will be contacted by our mission leader for further instruction.
Let us build better systems today, to make for a brighter future tomorrow. e can only succeed with one another: we need your help.
Are you in?
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Launch of PRISM

​PRISM was officially launched on 18 Aug 2022. Now, all planet holders can participate in discussions and votes to shape the Inhabitants Universe.