Planetary DAO

​Planets are the setting for the Inhabitants Universe. Each Planet has their own distinct environment, and it’s where Universe’s stories will take place, and where characters like Inhabitants Identities or DOTs come from. Mirroring our real world, there are 9 planets and 1 moon.
Structurally, each Planet is designed to be its own decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Collectors are able to purchase and own Planetary DAO tokens. These tokens represent proportional ownership of, and therefore voting power in, the specific Planet.
What is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO)?
DAOs are the web3 version of companies/communities. Here's a very concise definition from Packy McCormick:
Packy: More simply, DAOs are a new way to finance projects, govern communities, and share value. Instead of a top-down hierarchical structure, they use Web3 technology and rapidly evolving governance and incentive systems to distribute decision-making authority and financial rewards. Typically, they do that by issuing tokens based on participation, contribution, and investment. Token holders then have the ability to submit proposals, vote, and share in the upside. (source: The Dao of DAOs)​
Here’s each of the planets and their corresponding token supply:
The token supply of each Planet is determined by the real-world radius of the Planet in kilometers
Example: with 244 Mercury DAO tokens, you'd have 10% voting power for what happens on Mercury (244/2440 = 10%)

United Planets DAO

The United Planets DAO, or UPDAO is like the Federal Government or United Nations. It’s where every Planet comes together to make decisions on behalf of the Inhabitants Universe as a whole.
Note: Pixel Vault has been building a custom UPDAO voting dashboard called Planet Referendum and Independence Sustainability Machine (PRISM). For the latest news, check out UPDAO Voting Dashboard (PRISM).
Each planet has a fixed amount of voting power within the UPDAO:
A breakdown of the voting power that each Planet has within the United Planets DAO (source)​
Example: Mercury has 5 out of 193 votes within the UPDAO, giving them 2.6% voting power. If a decision needs to be made by the UPDAO, Mercury would vote on their position amongst their 2440 DAO token holders, and their final decision would have a 2.6% sway within UPDAO