Inhabitants Identities

Inhabitants Identities (formerly MetaHero Identities) are the characters of the Inhabitants Universe, who come from the various planets. They’re Pixel Vault’s first profile picture (PFP) NFT collection and will later become in-game characters within the Inhabitants gaming platform. Holders of Inhabitants Identities have full commercial rights to build products/brands around their Identities.
They’re made up of:

Pixel Vault Core Identities

Pixel Vault Core Identities (Cores) are specially created characters who will be featured in any forms of media (e.g. comics, television or movies) created by Pixel Vault.
The 146 Cores includes:
  • 2 special identities, which will be used as ambassadors for the Inhabitants Universe
  • 40 male and 40 female Inhabitants concepts
  • 4 versions (regular, hero, villain and mutant) of each of the 16 PUNKS
Examples of Cores

Generative Inhabitant Identities

Generative Inhabitant Identities (Generatives) are created by randomly combining the traits of the Cores. What makes these special artistically and technologically is that each identity is generated at the time of mint.
What does it mean to be generated at the time of mint?
Every trait you see on a Generative is an individual image layer that’s been randomly combined together by an algorithm. That’s also how many other PFP NFT collections tend to create their assets too - however, the difference is in most cases, the artist will review the outputs of their algorithm, and curate the best of the best for the final collection.
Being generated at the time of mint means that with the Generatives, there’s no human input. Given the image layers can be combined in basically an infinite number of ways, and you don’t want to end up with any weird layering errors, this is technically and artistically difficult to do. Especially because you can’t go back to fix it.
Examples of Generatives