Gear Pods

Gear Pods are "critical supplies" that the DOTs are deploying to Inhabitants Identities to help them power up and explore the Inhabitants Universe.
How Gear Pods work:
  • The contents (gear) of the Gear Pods will be revealed when the Gear Pods are opened in-game and the rarity of the gear will vary with the different pods.
  • Gear Pods are re-usable. They can be opened, closed, recharged, and then re-opened
There are 3 different types of pods:
  • Astral Gear Pod - most common
  • Cosmic Gear Pod - rarer than Astral, with planet-specific variations. All MetaHeroes will be able to use any gear, regardless of their planet of origin.
  • Nebula Gear Pod - extremely rare
In total, there are 12 variations of the Gear Pods: 1 Astral, 10 Cosmic and 1 Nebula
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